• Joe Carver

Why You Can’t Afford Not to Advertise on Facebook

“I want to kiss you.”

That’s what my client, a vice president of HR recently said to me. No, she did not need harassment training; she was not crossing a line or even serious.

But she was excited.

She wanted to “kiss me” after I was able to reach 50,000 people via Facebook ads for $300 and over 250 people showed up to her event we were promoting in the ad. This example is just the most recent one I have. I believe in Facebook advertising because it works and it is cheap.

And it is also the only way Facebook marketing is going to work for you.

The fact is organic Facebook reach is a thing of the past. Posting on your page and hoping for results is like laddering certificates of deposit at your bank to build your nest egg. Sure, that used to work, but now, not so much.

For some of you, this revelation is not news. You have been watching your Facebook engagement drop over the past few years. Facebook organic reach was described as a “pain point” by Facebook’s VP of Advertising Technology—in 2014. Even then, he said content was crowding the News Feed. Add the multitudinous new algorithms Facebook uses that are working to push the most relevant content to your audience and it is not hard to see why organic Facebook marketing results have passed into myth, like unicorns or representative democracy.

So, if you want your audience to see your posts, you need to boost them with Facebook paid advertising. The good news is that it isn’t going to break the bank and you can get pretty granular on the targeting. You can focus your Facebook advertising on demographics, engagement with your app (if you have one), geography, personal interests or hobbies, and even your website activity. Not only does this allow you to get the best people to see your Facebook ads, but it also gives you an opportunity to generate some fantastic ROI.

Listen, Facebook marketing used to be great without spending a dime. Now it isn’t. But you can still reach a targeted audience that won’t cost as many dimes as you think with Facebook paid advertising.

And you might even get a kiss. (Figuratively, anyway.)

Contact me at CarverMedia if you want to talk about boosting your ROI on your Facebook marketing, or any other digital marketing goals.

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