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The Surprising Benefits LinkedIn Has for Your Digital Brand

When you think of social media, my guess is you think of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But have you forgotten about the other social network?

No, not Google+. Everyone forgot about that.

LinkedIn has surprising benefits for your digital marketing. From its company page to its content marketing opportunities, to the group’s functionality, it affords you many opportunities to build your digital brand awareness. Plus, if you happen to recruit some incredible talent at the same time, then all the better.

Company Pages on LinkedIn

Your company page is like your individual profile page. You use it as a base of operations. You also encourage your team to link and post to it as well.

A great bonus is that once you decide to make a company page, LinkedIn does the heavy lifting for you. The company page is mostly designed; you only fill in the details. By the way, a complete company page gets 30% more weekly views, per LinkedIn, so fill all of the details in.

Important Tips about LinkedIn Company Pages:

· Per Hootsuite, the companies that use a logo (300 x 300 pixels) in the header get six times more traffic.

· Don’t pass up the opportunity to add some style to an otherwise standard layout with your banner (1536 x 768 pixels).

· The first 156 characters are what Google shows from your company page, so make sure yours are outstanding.

Want more tips? This article from Hootsuite has many helpful tips for setting up your LinkedIn company page.

Content Marketing on LinkedIn

Content marketing is a crucial component of your digital brand strategy. (Hint: You are currently reading some of mine.) Sharing what you know to people who want the information is a vital part of attracting leads for your business.

When you position yourself as an expert or a thought leader, prospective clients remember you when they need help in your industry. Content marketing on LinkedIn is a great way to market to your potential clients. (Reminder: I am Joe Carver at Carver Media).

Tips for Content Marketing on LinkedIn:

· Images attract more attention than a text-only post, to the tune of two times more per LinkedIn.

· Videos get more shares, five times more says LinkedIn, so embed them.

· Publishing on LinkedIn’s platform gets more love than external links. (If you want to know why, then read this article).

Want some more guidance about content marketing on LinkedIn, this article from Social Media Examiner has some more info.

What Are LinkedIn Groups?

Remember chat rooms in the 90s? Well, LinkedIn Groups do that, but by industry or job type or sometimes even both. Most people join groups, but few put them to good use.

However, you can use the networking opportunities in groups to promote your company and make additions to your network. If you feel the call, you can also create your own group.

Tips for Making Groups Worth Your Time:

· The search feature allows you to sort through and find groups that fit your interests and expertise.

· Participating in group discussions attract views to your company page, per Hootsuite.

· Adding featured groups to your company page adds credibility to your positioning as a thought-leader.

Groups have a lot of ways to leverage their power, and this article from The Muse covers a lot of them.

LinkedIn can be an excellent resource for your digital marketing strategy. For starters, set up a company page, craft a content marketing plan, and leverage the power of networking with groups. With all of this functionality, it would be a shame to forget about this resource when you divvy up your social media marketing efforts.

Contact me at CarverMedia if you want to step up your digital brand awareness efforts on LinkedIn with your online marketing, social media marketing or any other digital marketing goals.


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