• Joe Carver

Have You Tried Google My Business Yet?

Google My Business is not a hip new phrase used by the young kids these days. It’s a great tool Google provides to showcase your business for your customers—and your future customers.

What is it?

Per Forbes, it’s a way for you to control how your business presents throughout the entire Google ecosystem. Your despotic rule over your digital brand marketing extends to your search engine results, reviews, and content you provide. It also works on Maps, meaning your business name, location, and hours.

How do I use it?

It is easy to set up. First, you create an account and connect it to your business. Once you verify your business (by mail, phone, email, or instant or bulk verification), you optimize your details, including your description, hours, phone, URL, and other pertinent information. You can also add photos and any special offers here too.

Hubspot has a great step-by-step article that walks you through the process.

How much?

It is free.

Now before you think, “Wow! Google is so generous!”, remember that it benefits Google to have the most accurate information possible. It helps them have revenue growth that looks like this:

Why should I bother?

When it comes to your online marketing strategy, having an accurate and consistent message is vital to building your digital brand. Plus, it’s super frustrating when people get the wrong number or show up at your location on the one day it’s closed.

There are other great benefits, too. Google My Business can help you book appointments online if that’s a thing for your business. It also can help you stay on top of reviews, which is a crucial part of your social media marketing strategy. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to present special offers or content that might entice some prospective customers to take a closer look at what you have to offer.

But perhaps even most importantly, as Forbes points out, you get the platform “insights,” which is Google’s way of saying they show you where customers see you—and where they aren’t. It helps you optimize your online marketing efforts and maximize your digital marketing budget.

Google My Business is an excellent way to boost your digital brand without draining your digital marketing budget dollars.

And if you haven’t already, you should get to work on your Google My Business by clicking here.


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