• Joe Carver

Community Involvement is Doing the Right Thing…For Your Digital Branding

Sponsoring the local school’s math-a-thon, the community charity ball or the neighborhood little league team is the right thing to do. However, community involvement is also the right thing to do for your digital brand marketing.

Although, you achieve numerous benefits—including good karma— from community involvement, here are three of the most significant to your digital marketing.

Benefit #1: It builds loyalty with your community.

Nationwide, 82% of U.S. consumers consider corporate social responsibility when choosing between brands. When you sponsor a local event, your brand is broadcast to the people involved in all the online and social media marketing efforts. They will remember you when it comes time to shop, hire or subscribe.

Benefit #2: It provides excellent PR opportunities for future digital marketing.

Local media outlets love to feature community event stories (and we all know how important stories are to online marketing). Not only will the event benefit, but you have an opportunity to get to know the producers and editors managing these outlets for future digital marketing opportunities. One business owner learned through his contacts that “feel-good stories about the community rank high, particularly during the holiday season.

Benefit #3: It strengthens your position as a leader in your area of expertise.

Choose a cause that correlates with your brand’s strength and expertise. It will solidify your position as an expert in the field. The NFIB, a nonprofit advocacy group for small businesses, reported an example of promotional products company that gives one small business each month $500 worth of free promotional products. It creates a win-win situation for both brands; the winning small business gets a marketing boost it couldn’t afford while the promotional company demonstrates the power of marketing.

Helping others is the right thing to do. However, investing your resources in community involvement is also the right thing to do for your brand, your digital brand marketing, and your bottom line.

Contact me at CarverMedia if you want to highlight your brand’s community involvement with your online marketing, social media marketing or any other digital marketing goals.


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